Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef – farming the way nature intended.

Grass Fed Beef - NW Washington Farm

Cattle living at Meadow Fed Farms are moved to fresh pastures every day where they can eat some of the most mineral rich, bio diverse grass available.

Our cattle have access to sea salt, kelp, an all-natural mineral mix and plenty of fresh drinking water.

Commercial fertilizers, pesticides and hormones are not used at our Whatcom County farm.  You can trust that beef produced at Meadow Fed Farms is healthy and natural.

Sustainable Family Farming - Northwest Washington

We believe that content cattle produce healthier beef – with that in mind we work hard to make sure life is good for all livestock on our family farm!

Learn more about purchasing grass-fed beef from Meadow Fed Farm in Everson, WA through this link.

“We have known Todd and Michele for several years now and during that time we have seen their total dedication to raising happy, healthy livestock.  We have thoroughly enjoyed everything from their flavorful ground beef to juicy steaks to yummy lamb chops and broilers…we are so very blessed to include Meadow Fed Farms as a major source of clean, quality protein for our family!” – Steve and Jet