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Grass-fed lamb

Whatcom County Grass-Fed Lamb from Meadow Fed Farm, Everson WA (r)Pasture raised lamb from Meadow Fed Farms comes from a Coopworth cross sheep.  This particular breed produces what we feel is a superior meat product – people often tell us it’s the best lamb they have ever eaten.

The nutritional benefits of eating grass-fed lamb are many.  This healthy red meat is a great source of zinc and iron and also vitamin B.

“We love the lamb from Meadow Fed!  Every cut is tender and delicious, that’s why we order two lambs every year” – Linda and Jim

Grass fed lamb can be prepared in so many ways!  Thousands of recipes are available out there just waiting for you to explore.

Learn more about purchasing grass-fed lamb from our Whatcom County family farm through this link.

Farm fresh eggs

Locally Grown Eggs from Meadow Fed Farms, Everson WA (r)Egg production has always been a special project for our daughter’s.  Colby and Katie collect and clean eggs daily – they also help care for the flock of laying hens.

“The beautiful eggs from Meadow Fed Farms are delicious, nutrient-rich and the yolks are brightly colored” – Steve and Jet

Our free-range hens spend their days on pasture at our Everson farm – they are moved regularly to allow them to dine on a wide variety of fresh greens and other natural ingredients.  We also supplement their diet with organic soy-free grain.  As a result, hens at Meadow Fed Farms produce the most beautiful and healthy eggs you can imagine.

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